2007 Jaguar XJ-Series Vanden Plas

We had a 2007 Jaguar XJ-Series Vanden Plas come in for a number of services & repairs including:

  • Rear lower control arms replacement
  • Alignment
  • Replacement of rear differential
  • Replacement and/ or repair of multiple lights
  • New tires

At Birkshire Automobiles, our small staff of ten allows us a clear advantage when it comes to service for your car. We are a boutique style shop with a sharp focus on each and every individual owner, and will aim whatever resources are necessary directly towards your project. Not only that, but we guarantee to do it in a timely and cost effective manner. Your car and your cars needs are our exclusivity.

Stately, elegant, and compact; the 2007 Jaguar XJ-Series replicates a modern day English motorcar. The newer aspects include it's all-aluminum structure, blended with it's traditional appointments and finish.