2003 Jaguar XJ-Series Vanden Plas

This 2003 Jaguar XJ-Series Vanden Plas was at the Birkshire Automobiles Service Center for a Cooling System repair.

"Only those who really know cars will buy Jaguar XJ. These are well thought out designs and every component seems to be carefully made...but not the cup holders or the functionality of the CD player. The next time you look at cars have a careful look at a Jaguar instead. You'll notice certain details like the four square jack stands that are in just in the right place and the hood ornament that tells you exactly where the front end is and the silky feel of the steering and controls and the exuberance of the engine and the solidness of its chassis and structure. Put it up on a lift and you'll notice right away that it's built like a brick. This Jaguar is the best car I've ever owned."