2015 Land Rover Timing Chain

This 2015 Land Rover came into our shop for a complete overhaul!

This was a very complex job and had to be done with precision. The vehicle came from a main dealer with issues of engine ceasing, and would not run at all. We ran diagnostics and began removing all parts. After removing the timing cover, we discovered the timing chain was damaged and had bent the cylinder valves.

We removed the engine, replaced the intake and exhaust valves on the cylinder heads, replaced the cylinder heads, and did a complete rebuild. We also replaced the timing chain and cylinder valves, as well as the fuel injectors. 

We continued on and replaced the front and back brakes, replaced the tail lights, did realignments, and gave it all new tires.

This was a unique and intricate project that required special attention to clearance. The engine reinstall took one week, with the entire overhaul taking 2.5 weeks in total.