Engine Service 1981 Triumph TR8

The Triumph TR8 was an eight-cylinder version of the "wedge-shaped" Triumph TR7 sports car, manufactured by BL Ltd., British Leyland, and then Jaguar/Rover/Triumph. The majority of TR8s were sold in the United States and very few genuine TR8s exist in other countries. The TR8 was often dubbed as an "English Corvette".

Similar to the design of the TR7 with the big difference being the power-plant that powered the vehicle. The TR7 was powered by a four-cylinder engine that produced around 100 horsepower while the TR8 was given an eight-cylinder unit. Instead of using the company’s single overhead cam V8 which could be found in the Stag, it used a Rover V8. The Triumph V8 was plagued with reliability issues so the Rover unit served as a suitable replacement. Most used twin Zenith-Stromberg carburetors but in 1980 the vehicles earmarked for California were given a Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection system.