Suspension & Brake Service 2001 Bentley Arnage LeMans Series

- Bentley launched two limited Le Mans editions to celebrate the occasion of Bentley's return after 71 years to racing at Le Mans. Production was planned of 50 Le Mans editions of the Continental R Mulliner and 150 of the Bentley Arnage Red label. Actually 46 copies were manufactured of the Continental R Le Mans and 153 of the Arnage Le Mans. Besides those planned models also 5 Le Mans editions were manufactured of the Continental T Le Mans and 4 of the Bentley Azure Le Mans.
- The Le Mans editions didn't replace any other model but were special editions of existing models. The Arnage Le Mans was a specially enhanced edition of the Arnage Red label.

General characteristics
Outside specifications
- Exclusive quad exhaust pipes.
- Ducting vents in the front wing.
- Wide wheelarches and sports bumpers.
- Red brake calipers.
- "Le Mans Series" badges on the front quarter panel.
- 5-spoke sport wheels with red brake calipers.
Inside specifications
- Unique instruments with a dark Racing Green background colour.
- "Le Mans Series" lettering on the speedometer and rev counter.
- Dark finished burr walnut on the Arnage Red Label and straight grain walnut on the Continental R with the Bentley wings etched in intricate detail and inlaid into the waist rails of the doors as well as into the dashboard.
- Winged B motifs embroidered into the headrests of the two-tone, perforated hide upholstery.
- Exclusive chrome and leather design of the gear lever.
- Drilled pedals.
- Unique treadplate plaques.
- Three unique colours: Silver Storm, Black Oriole and Le Mans Racing Green.