2002 Jaguar XK Convertible

If you're new to the marque, consult a Jaguar specialist like us and search for the finest example your wallet will allow - you will be rewarded as only a Jaguar can do. Unlike luxury cars overburdened by technology and menu-driven commands, this XK is refreshingly easy to operate, with clearly marked buttons. Driving this car is pleasurable and makes you look and feel like you have arrived.


Not much if any competition exists, because the car is pretty much in a class by itself. Not really because of its engineering (power, handling and brakes), but because of its exclusivity. Its Jaguar-ness. 


The XK is a powerful sports car with two-plus-two seating and accommodations that are more focused on comfort than sport. It looks and feels like a luxury car inside too, handles like a tight luxury sports convertible should.


It's lithe lines are breathtaking. Timeless styling is the XK's signature and make it feel like a work of art. Inside is a forest of rich burl walnut and leather. In some ways, it feels more luxurious than the XJ, Jaguar's flagship luxury sedan.



  • 4L V8 engine with automatic transmission
  • 290 hp
  • Rear wheel drive
  • ABS
  • Driver and passenger heated seats 

80,813 Miles