british luxury, performance and sports car vehicle service:

Established in 1991 - Birkshire Automobiles offers thoughtful care and exemplary service for your British car. With six service bays we perform everything from routine maintenance to entire car restoration projects.

British Performance

Aston, Jaguar, Rolls royce, bentley

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Unique, rare and exquisite - British Performance Vehicles are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts equally. Large GT style cars fall into a couple of lead makes: Jaguar and Aston Martin. Bentley and Rolls Royce also offer supreme examples - all are serviced right here at Birkshire Automobiles.

British Sport Utility

Range rover - land rover

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We are proud to offer complete mechanical service and repair for all Range Rover Automobiles. These bespoke machines require specialist care - our technicians are fully capable when it comes to service for your luxury vehicle.

British Sports Cars

Triumph, MGB, Austin Healey

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These are the dream machines that allow you to go to car shows, rally's, club meets - most can be bought and maintained on a reasonable budget. We proudly service all British Sports Cars like Triumph, MGB, TVR and Lotus.

Birkshire Service

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